Sidney Popular
16 hands
Age (Estimated):
15 yrs
(Updated 1/12/2017)  SBR Sidney is a Reg. 16 hand, chestnut, gelding that is low backed and that was purchased from Cranbury sale by fundraising on Facebook. Sidney does three gaits well and we have been using him in lessons and he is doing very well. This gelding just needs more work on a canter cue to make him good for teaching riders to canter. His trot is easy to ride and he stays tight to the rail. Brianne has taken this horse on a as a project and with her mother Marybeth this team has done a wonderful job not only with the horse but also showing me the horse could go into a lesson program. We have no absolutely no problems with this horse’s low back and for a positive he can set his head well without a lot of work. It is a surprise to me that this horse has not found a home yet. I think very highly of this horse and I think he will only get better with work and time.