Fundraising Opportunities with Saddlebred Rescue, Inc.

Saddlebred Rescue has many ways for people of all ages to be involved while raising awareness and money! We have several programs that are in place and they are easy to get involved…

CHANGE THEIR LIVES is a change collecting drive. Just place a bucket or tub at your workplace, school, or by your washing machine and watch the change accumulate! Send your change in to help the Treasures of Saddlebred Rescue. Attach this flyer to a large plastic bottle and use as a collection site. flyer

NEED A SERVICE PROJECT FOR YOUR YOUTH CLUB OR BARN KIDS? Host a bake sale and donate the proceeds, sell promotional items at the shows, have a change drive, collect supplies for the horses – the ideas and possibilities are endless!

COLORING BOOKS ARE HOT OFF THE PRESS……Saddlebred Rescue just revealed the First Edition of the Saddlebred Rescue Coloring Book! These hot items feature 15 pages to color your favorite Treasures! The artist, Sherry Cook got to know our Treasures as she drew their portraits while illustrating the backgrounds similar to their names! The books are $15.00!! They are a great gift for any age horse enthusiast!

INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE!!!!!!! Some of our promotional items are on sale! Our Saddlebred Rescue Note cards have been marked down to $3.00, the package includes 4 cards with pictures and stories of our Treasures! And our bracelets are $5.00!! We still have plenty of back pins for $5.00!
(All of our items are subject to shipping costs)

DO YOU HAVE AN ITEM THAT YOU’D LIKE TO DONATE? We are always in need of silent auction items and raffle items for our booths. Currently, we are looking for an item to raffle for th e 2009 raffle item. Last year, we have a beautiful ladies diamond horse shoe ring! Some ideas have been a certificate for a custom saddle suit, a new saddle, a week at a condo/time share, horse themed jewelry…etc. If you have something you’d like to donate, please email me. The raffle has a limited number of ticket sales and will be sold at the summer shows of 2009.

DON’T FORGET…the Louisville Luncheon…you won’t want to miss this event! We are already planning the event and the silent auction. Mark your calendar for the Thursday of Louisville!

Remember, Saddlebred Rescue is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible.