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Please enter the promo code SADDLE on their website, and donations generated from their purchases are sent to SBR.

Pony Up was introduced to Saddlebred Rescue by Janeene Jennings. Here are her comments: I met Rallie McAllister,Founder of PonyUp Kentucky at her booth, at the annual KDA Show (Ky Dressage Association) at the Kentucky Horse in May. When she told me that her organization donates 100% of their profits to horse rescues, I asked her if she would check into the Junior League show in Lexington, and if she could get a booth to donate the profits to the Saddlebred Rescue and gave her their information. She was able to get a booth and has donated $1000 so far to Saddlebred Rescue. She also plans to go to the show at Shelbyville and donate those profits. I suggested she check into the World Championship as well. She had in the past, mainly been donating to the thoroughbred rescues in the area, and I believe one draft horse rescue. I think she'll be putting Saddlebred shows on their schedule as much as possible in the future. You can visit her website by clicking here An additional $500 donation was made after the Annual Saddlebred Rescue Fundraiser at Louisville in August of 2012.




We invite you all to visit the website of this new business, Equine Celebrations. Francine Navarro, owner, has generously pledged to donate a portion of her profits to SBR each month. Thank you, Francine and best of luck with your new venture.