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What Makes SBR Different from Other?

What makes SBR different from other rescues?

We purchase our rescues and bring them to the SBR facility. This means you will never be rushed to provide “ransom” to save a horse, nor will you ever be told “if you do not take this horse by Friday, it will be shipped to slaughter.” SBR does not use pressure tactics to procure our rescues or to get those horses adopted.

Every horse that comes to SBR is placed in quarantine before they enter our rehabilitation program to be readied for adoption.

In addition to our professionals who volunteer their services, SBR employs a professional horse trainer to evaluate and train every horse that is in our program.

All of our horses are evaluated by at least two professional trainers. We will not adopt out a horse that has not been evaluated by both professionals.

Many of our horses are ridden by North Wind Stable's students, allowing us to perform a more in-depth evaluation. These horses are “tried and true.”

Our evaluations are very detailed and we will gladly show you the forms we use. Our horses are assessed on ground manners, health, soundness and under-saddle work. Our trainer not only works these horses, but grooms and tacks the horses personally, in order to gain a thorough understanding of their personalities and needs.

We have two dedicated volunteers who work with our horses on a daily basis to give each and every one individual time and attention.

SBR horses are fed the same quality hay and grain that the show horses at our facility are fed. SBR feels that rescue horses should be cared for with the same high standards as any other horse. SBR feeds 2nd and 3rd cutting alfalfa and uses a high fat, high protein textured feed.

We will not place a horse in home that is not the right fit for that horse.

SBR takes pride in the fact that our horses are not “lawn ornaments”, but rather, very reliable and useable horses. Most of our adopted horses are actively used in lesson programs around the country.

SBR will place horses in every state in the U.S. as well as Canada.

SBR is an award-winning rescue. In January 2007, SBR received the “Heroes for Horses” award from the United States Equestrian Federation for its work in 2006.

In 2010, SBR was invited to speak to the Coalition for Unwanted Horses about the innovative ideas and techniques used in our rescue program.