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Blog Date Entry 1-10-14

Today will be short and sweet.   Party Hat was loaded this morning to go to his new forever home in California. This gelding leaving was bitter sweet really more sweet than bitter.  I will miss him as I liked to challenge some of my riders on him and for some of the riders he was a reward and just plain fun. Safe travels birthday boy!  

Just when I think we can get caught up something else pops up and today it was the new footing for the arena.  Every year I ask for new footing in the arena as my Christmas present and this year I was surprised when I got it again. (not really)   Only a weird horse person would get excited over footing.  As wonderful and needed as the footing is it takes all day to get it in the arena and evenly distributed. This is one reason we do not go on vacation and the horses get worked year round.   I am never behind trying to catch up.

On a different note the way our property is set up I can look out any window in my house and see the Treasures at SBR.   Right now many of the Treasures have new blankets and they look so happy eating their hay and waiting for the evening meal.   The Treasures have many friends at the morning and evening feedings.   Turkey and deer like to come up and eat the grain that the Treasures drop on the ground.  If it continues the turkeys will push the horses away from their dinners, not really just kidding.
Given the challenging weather lately many horse shippers are behind schedule and that means one of our Treasures will be going to its new home a little later than planned.   SBR Co-Star is on the trailer going to Oklahoma and some of the other horses that were supposed to be on that trip got cancelled. Co-Star will have a box stall all the way home. Tomorrow will be a busy day so there will be a lot more for me to write about.

p.s.  Since I wrote this entry Co-Star did make it to his new home safe and sound.

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