Blog Date Entry 1-25-14

Heat wave today in the 20s, with snow of course! The snow may have stopped some of the people from coming out to the barn today but it did not stop Jessica C and Brianne! I am sure if you ask the girls they would say BEST DAY EVER! The two girls got to ride all day and only had to split the 40 some odd rescues in half, 20 horses a piece, or as many as they had time to ride before 3pm. These girls did a wonderful job not only in their lessons but also helping us work the Treasures plus keep their form which is not always an easy thing to do. Brianne has her own string of Treasures that consists of Tony Romo, Mr. D, Freckles, and Tuck but today she also road SBR Garrett for her lesson and Jemma just because I like to watch this mare. I am happiest when I feel I can blur out the background (in my mind) and put my riders in the show ring (in my mind) and it look like they are trying to win a class. Brianne also rode Bess today and I ask her to act like a beginner rider. I think it is funny when the riders have no clue how to do that and I have to instruct them on some bad habits, and better yet how hard it is for the riders to do some of the things they used to do years earlier. After a rider has become a really good rider it is hard to be a really bad rider and apparently really funny too!

Jessica C rode Copper for her lesson with me and her goal today was to ride as well and showy as Erin M but NOT race or look like she was chasing her. Copper challenged her as he was ready to get showy and step right down the rail at a quick pace. Then Jessica worked on how to canter collected and calm after you have just ask the horse to trot like a show horse. With a little bit of “encouragement” from me! Jessica also rode Pirate, Royal, Elvis, Mocha just to round out her day. We are in the process of deciding which horse she will be show for the 2015 show season.

Greg started out his day driving Ken who was by the way a star, then rode Herman for a video which will be up soon. I think Greg starring ride was with Kitty as he was able to keep her cool calm and collect at the canter. Kitty has gotten so much better at the canter with Greg’s help we need to do a new video. I hope Sudzy can learn her canter lessons as well as Kitty only Sudzy is not nervous about cantering just does know how to canter collected. Greg reported to me the Party Favor was much more relaxed that last week and that is a good thing if she is to get a new home. Tardy is not only getting ridden but he also has Greg giving him massages on his back after the ride. Tardy is a little humpy and fussy with his tail when ask to canter so Greg has been trying to get him happier. The big news today is Kitty finally ate a treat from Greg’s hand.

 B-day is starting to look and act like a different horse and the change in this horse makes me positive that training the rescues is the way to go in order to help place them. The SBR trainers have made such a difference in these horse’s lives that sometimes I am pleasantly surprised. Saving the horse is one thing but watching them change into happy useable horses is even a better feeling to me. This process I think helps ensure the horses will find the forever homes.

Erin had her hands full today with several horses ready for her to ride. Halle has learned to canter and ready for the lessons in a show bridle, Dinah trotted today BOTH ways of the ring without lunging first, that is HUGE!  After that Erin was on to Toasty who was sure he was in a show ring and was cute, cute, cute but a little game, we did get a short video of him trotting. Champagne was brought out next and not only do I love him but I am proud of him as his cantering was sooo much improved it was like night and day! This gelding is big and wears his head right wear it needs to be to show, soon we will be trying him in a full bridle and will try and get a video soon.

Even though it was cold and snowy it was Hot! Hot! Hot! in the arena today!