Blog Date Entry 3-9-14

In case you have not noticed the blog has been asleep! It is easy for me to go somewhere for a few days and get out of the habit of blogging. I always wonder if these blogs are boring so let me know yeah or nay!

We recently bought five new horses at New Holland and that was after we had nine go to new homes. So we were down in numbers but we are working our way back up. We named the five after the Olympics so our new horses were Sochi, Gracie Gold, Half Pipe, Bob Sled & Soyna Henning. Sonya and Bob are older Amish horses and the other three have not been on the road. The first horse we tested out was Sochi as he has to be kept in a stall as his ears have been clipped. Sochi has papers, is 14 years old and is about 16 hands tall (may not be that size but I do not have the “book of rescues” in front of me). This gelding has been shown quite a bit but when we did our homework we heard from two different people he could be tricky but there was nothing bad or evil about him. What I saw was a horse that was worked to be a REALLY good horse but the horse himself only wanted to be just a good horse. We have had several of our better riders on him and he makes a rider think but if he is not pushed and he is allowed to have a quiet ride he is pretty good. I think we will take him to a show and see what other surprises he has up his sleeves. Hopefully he will not be tricky and be a star. Right now this horse maybe a lease horse but time will tell. The next horse we tested was Gracie Gold, there is a funny story about this horse. At the sale Pat runs around checking on papers, connecting with the vet and just gathering info when she can and I stay at the sale ring. Pat came up and told me one of the “broodmares” that were being put through the sale had been shown one time as a gaited horse. There were two broodmares so we talked about who was who, and made a plan. Sochi went through first and I bought him. Pat went back after he went through to make sure he was put away and get the vet to draw blood.  This was just to make sure everything that needed to happen did before we went home.  Several horses went through the sale and in walked this very pretty big mare that had a long neck and I thought to myself there is the gaited mare so I went to bidding on her. She stayed in my price range so we got her! The mare has papers, is 14 to 16 years old and stands around 16 hands.  So far so good.  Several horses go through the sale and I see Pat walking up to me so I tell her “Hey I just bought the gaited mare!” Pat looks at me and said “no you did not because the gaited mare is in the ring now and just sold!” I turned around and sure enough there went a small saddlebred horse leaving the ring.   At the time this last mare went through our trailer was full so I had to pass. (that is hard  to do!) Before I bought the reg. horses I bought two older horses that were Amish horses a mare in her teens Sonya Henning and a long in the tooth (no really he has long teeth) bay gelding we named Bob Sled. The two year old baby we picked up had been a horse that went through on a Friday sale and received no bids. Joe called me and asked us to buy the colt so he would have a chance to be something, so we bought him before the Monday sale.

It is always hard to leave any horses behind but there comes a time when there is just no room. I was happy to save what we did and I will be writing about these new Treasures as well as the other Treasures tomorrow after a bust day in the barn.