Saving One More Horse!


(Facebook Post 6-22-18 by Nealia) It has been busy here at Saddlebred Rescue, tomorrow we will be picking up the the new rescue a bay gelding that all of you raised funds to save. Once this lucky horse gets to SBR he will have a list of things that need to happen to start his rehab process. While he is in quarantine he will wormed, if he has not temp he will be get his vaccinations to help keep him healthy and he will be get good hay and grain to help him start the feel good process. I think his feet may be sore or the shoeing is past due so that will also be checked out as to how soon he needs shoeing work. I keep my fingers crossed that this gelding just needs a reset and does not have a lameness issue!! It would be wonderful if this horse could find a sponsor help with these costs.

During the quarantine time (which is 30 days if all goes well) we try and put off teeth work, evals and anything that might compromise a true quarantine. Pictures can be taken but the real beauty shots must wait. SBR policy is horses should not be placed or evals done until quarantine is finished. So the first 30 days will cost about $300 feed and bedding, $10 for worming, a normal reset with corrections and new shoes around $100 plus, vaccinations $75 to $100 plus, if we do DNA (which we will be doing on this horse) $150. This all adds up but it is important to do these things as that is the right way to treat MANY HORSE!!

Let's see if we can start something new with this horse by helping with the cost of care of this horse, even after the rush of saving this horse. I will promise to do my part by following this horse with frequent updates and candid photos. Anyone who sponsors with DNA will of course get a private message on who this horse is.

Please comment if you have any ideas or thoughts on what I can do to help or ways of helping us do the best possible job to get this horse a home. As always PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!! The more shares and comments is one way facebook gets out to more people.

PS I am sorry I cannot find one picture of this horse as it seems to have disappeared on facebook. We will also need a name for this horse. Thank you Anne Juratovac!