Evaluating the Rescues and New Rescue Arrived!


(Facebook Post 6-23-2018 by Nealia)  The new horse for Saddlebred Rescue will be here today as the people at the sale went to a horse sale in Pa. to buy more horses to resell in their sale in NJ. I would think we all should get smarter and go to sales and bypass the middle man.

That being said we had quite a large group of people out today, so several of rescues were brought in the barn and tested by my customers. Stand outs today were SBR Cocoa who Brianne rode and made him looks so easy and kind to ride. Cocoa does three gaits and canters well. This cute bay gelding seems to be much happier in a stall where he can avoid the bugs and not have to share his hay. It is funny to me how some horses thrive outside and others really love the condo (stalls) life with all of the amenities (grain, hay & water plus room service).

Kori S. our 11 year old rider was already on SBR Latte when I got to the barn and to say she really really really likes this horse is an understatement!! Latte is such a kind horse and really seems to love people a lot. Every time a see a horse like Latte I wonder why he even likes people, as he can in very thin and looked like he lost his best friend. I guess shipped from sale to sale and handled by people who look at you as if you were garbage takes a toll on some of this horses. In Latte's case he went from Trash to Treasure quite literally as he is in my eyes a star for a lesson program.

Jessica K. one of our 17 and under riders rode King Candy after her rides on some of the show horses. King Candy is a gaited horse that came to use as a beloved driving horse from the King family. This family has called us on maybe 5 horses over the years and they have even come out to visit the horses at SBR to see what we were all about. This is one of my favorite place to buy horses from as their horses receive proper vet care and they have really nice tastes in Saddlebreds. King Candy has a shoe off so he was a little mixy gaited, however he tried his best to do what Jessica was asking and in the end he had another one of my riders to love him. KC would make a great 5 gaited practice horse with the right work, and shoeing. This horse has papers so he may even be a nice show horse at the smaller horses. By the way (no surprise) KC loves people.

We had several more Treasures work today but if I wrote about everyone this post would turn into a novel !! Please share this post and feel free to comment all of this helps facebook get this post out to more people.