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Xmas Tree Fundraiser

Copied from Facebook posting dated December 13, 2013
SBR Rescue Xmas Tree Fundraiser is up at the Mediterranean Diner in Hope, NJ at Exit 12 on I 80. Great family restaurant and food. They were more than willing to let Saddlebred Rescue Inc. decorate their tree for a fundraiser to support the horses in rehab. The theme is "Tis the Season to Do Something Special". People can look at each card on the tree with a different rescue horse and story and they can pick to do a virtual foster by filling out the card and sending it in to SBR. See this businesses website at www.mediterraneandiner.com



Thanks for Buying on our Wish List

I (Nealia) would like to take a moment to Thank the people who have given to SBR via our wish list. We have much needed supplies dropped off daily from UPS. Our Treasures need so much but really start getting better with with just the basics. As many as possible live in small pastures that we have named. We have the mare pasture with most of the mares and one gelding who wants to be in there with ...the girls. Next is the we are not thin nor fat pasture it is the largest. Of course we have the fat pasture, these horses have a reduced grain diet that keeps them fat but does not get them any fatter. We have just moved our skinny field to one of North Wind Stables retirement pastures. My retired horses got move around and go in and out so the pasture was needed for the thin horses.

Jason is going to film a video of what it looks like around here and I will make it into a movie. All of our Treasures were turn out blankets as you will soon see. Everyday one of the guys goes out and checks the blankets to make sure that they are still waterproof, have no tears and are not making any sores. Each horse gets in about every third day for a good grooming and to make sure Erin or I see them. Of course everyone at North Wind and SBR check the horses many times during the day.

I will write more later. Signing out Nealia


AMERICAN HORSE ADOPTION operated by Saddlebred Rescue Inc. a 501(c)(3) Horse Rescue


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We Appreciate Your Support!

This Giving Season Please Consider Helping

the Horses in Rehab at Our Facility.

The more we Save and Adopt out the More we can help.

Happy Holidays. . . .



Also look for our new web site that is currently under construction!


AMERICAN HORSE ADOPTIONTM operated by Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. (SBR) is a truly unique rescue that incorporates the thinking and practices of a professional show stable with the realities of the plight of unwanted horses today.  SBR buys all horses in our program mostly from auctions and sales where they were slaughter bound. We have our own professional trainer who works with each horse to evaluate and design a schooling program to help the horse be as adoptable as possible. All horses in our program are evaluated by two professional horse trainers before they are placed. We operate exclusively from New Jersey.  Our only rehab location is in New Jersey just off of I 80 near the Delaware Water Gap.  The adoption program is nationwide.

Each horse’s overall health condition is assessed by our staff and veterinarian, if necessary, and immediately needed health issues are treated.  Chronic conditions are recorded as such.

All SBR horses are in a lifetime program and will always have the option of being returned to SBR if the adopter’s circumstances change.  We do not operate with any foster facilities outside of New Jersey.

SBR encourages every potential adopter to visit our facility In northwestern New Jersey and try out any of our treasures that may be a potential match.  We are located 50 minutes from Newark International, 50 minutes from Lehigh Valley Airport and 2 hours plus from the Philadelphia Airport.

While we encourage visits, we understand it is not always possible to visit us on-site.  In these cases, our trainers work with you to understand your needs and to pick out a horse that is perfect for you.  Our placement rate is very high and returns to SBR for incompatibility are almost nonexistent.

Every day our professionals work to improve the care, training and placement of our treasures.


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Proud to be a Verified Member of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS)




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