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My Special Lease
Last month, I began leasing SBR's 2 Be along with my trainer at Huntoon Stables. Let me just say how well mannered this horse is. He is so sweet. We had leased im without meeting him (as we are from Illinois and it would be a LONG trip) but on the first ride we had, I had fallen in love with this horse. I have been a Saddle Seat rider for 3 years now, and while he is game, he is just fabulous for me! I am so excited to have him as my mount for this year's show season! He is so willing to do anything we ask him to. He is definitely game, but nothing seems to disturb him when he is being ridden. We re-named him "Prince" and he certainly is one! Prince may not be the perfect horse, but he is the perfect horse for me: Willing, game, showy, patient, and loving. Definitely a true Saddlebred. I am so happy the Saddlebred Rescue has given me the opportuinity to lease this amazing horse!
My Luna
I adopted Luna several years ago, probably more than several and she is as beautiful now as she was the day she was delivered to me. She's very smart, sensitive, and a great ride on trail and in the arena. She's even done a little jumping. We're going to begin working on obstacles next for fun and maybe mounted shooting. Who says that Saddlebreds are only good in the show ring? She keeps me on my toes and makes me an alert, aware, and better rider. Her nickname at the barn is Lovely Luna and she certainly lives up to it.
My special Gift
I adopted Gift this year and I want to say what a prize he is. Gift has exceeded my expectations. He is a wonderfull horse on the trail, in the arena, saddleseat and western. He fancies himself and will show off when turned out, making you watch his every move. Saddlebred Rescues description and video helped me make up my mind that I surely would have my Gift. I am so lucky!
A new dawn
Perfection. A simple word that has several definitions. Incorporate all your senses into one sentient being. The Saddlebred horse; one in particular. His name - new name - is simply ROMEO. Your eyes know perfection in the fiery golden coat, your ears hear his excited whinny when he sees you coming and rushes toward you to say hello. Your sense of touch is fulfilled when his breath caresses your face to finalize that special connection between the both of you. The scent of a horse fills you with a sense of awe, finally your simple pleasure of sharing a fresh apple or carrot completes the experience. My Saddlebred Romeo does this for me and so much more. I am humbled by his trust in me and I will make this promise to him. I will always love you.
My special treasure
I adopted "Star" last November and I can honestly say he is my dream horse. I have always had QH's in the past and this time I was looking for something alittle more fancy but also level headed for trail riding. I never dreamed I would have a horse as beautiful as Star but also very safe and trust worthy. I felt a connection to him as soon as I test rode him down in N.J., he was the 2nd horse I tried and I was so impressed by his gentle ways. We have a special bond and he appreciates everything I do for him and seems to love his new job as my fancy trail horse. I can take him out on the trails by him self and he always takes good care of me. Without Saddlebred rescue I would never have found my special treasure, thank you SR for all that you do!!
I adopted SBR Stickman so he could have a retirement home. He was bought from a broker by two angels and taken by them to SBR. He was so skinny and had a neurological disorder that affected his gait and balance and rendered him unusable. This horse had so much courage and will to live and loved people. He worked hard on the roads of PA for 10 years and was a great friend and companion for just under two years while we had him in our family. I will never forget this horse or the joy he brought me, my sister and mare every hour of his life here. Thank you SBR.
Proud owner of "BABY GIRL" Bailey
Back in February of this year (2012)I was on my computer and decided to check out the Saddlebred rescue site for available horses, which I often did.I was scrolling through all the horses then I came to BABY GIRLS page,I looked in horror at this beautiful horse lying on the ground eating fresh green grass, she was so skinny and was too weak to stand. My heart instantly went out to her. I scrolled through some more pictures of her and was totally amazed at the difference just being under the care of saddlebred rescue for one month had made.I got a piece of paper and started making a list of some of the horses I was interested in. We made the 2 1/2 hour trip to Blairstown NJ, with trailer in tow. After riding a few of the horses I made my choice, Baby Girl. We brought her home to her FOREVER HOME. THANK YOU Saddlebred Rescue for giving BABY GIRL (Bailey) a second chance at life.... And for giving me the opportunity to call such a special horse MINE..... :0 Cindy
My Come-Uppance
I was always under the impression that I could ride any horse. Been doing it for over 45 years. However I have only owned ex-race horses. After all is not the Thoroughbred the elite horse? Oh yes, I was a self professed Hoity-Toity. I would only ride the elite horse. In retrospect, if you can safely ride an ex-race horse fresh off the track you pretty much can ride anything. Right? Not quite. Deciding to adopt a horse I found myself looking through various websites and came across The Saddlebred Rescue in N.J. Great, I thought, close to home and I would get to know a diffrent breed. I made arrangements to come down for a visit. Their horses were among the most beautiful I have ever seen. To watch a Saddlebred in action is to see living poetry in motion. I must have looked like an idiot standing there with my mouth hanging open. I couldn't wait to ride one. Then I met Mix Jagger. Tall, elegant, impressive. In short breath taking. He was such a pleasure to handle. My arms actually stayed in their sockets. My fingers would have no blisters. I imagined a world that when you went for an hour trail ride, it would really take an hour not 40 minutes. That I could ride with my friends instead of constantly circling them because my horse was always the fastest. My current horse Jack views 6 inch high logs as if they were 6 feet high. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the thrill of the chase; even if we are not chasing anything. It took a humble but aristcratic Saddlbred to teach me how to enjoy riding. In him I found my dance partner. A horse I could truly trust and actually enjoy the scenery as I'm riding. Thank you Mix for giving me a different perspective. You have taught me that there is more than one elite breed. I have defintely had my come-uppance. P.S. I requested Mix as my choice for adoption and I can't wait to bring him home.
SBR offers a unique opportunity
I adopted “Berried Treasure” (not his real name but he certainly is one!) now referred to as “Barry” in the Fall of 2009. I was looking for a horse for my lesson program and had previously adopted an older horse from Saddlebred Rescue (Methusela – “Zeus”) as a companion horse, which I dearly loved. I discussed my needs with Pat and Nealia and when Barry arrived at SBR, it was determined that this horse would suit my needs. I saw his picture, took a leap of faith, and he was on a trailer a few days later bound for Ohio. I could not have been happier with him! He is the PERFECT lesson horse – kind, sane, broke, absolutely adorable. He likes his job each and every day and was everything I wanted in a horse. I can’t imagine a horse like him being only hours away from shipping to slaughter. If Pat and Nealia had not seen him lift his head up above the others, he would have been lost and that thought is what drives me to do all I can to help support the efforts of Saddlebred Rescue. I have built my lesson program around these rescues because I feel the public needs to have an understanding of just what slaughter is all about. It’s not the old, sick, or injured horses that the oldmyth would lead one to believe. Instead, it is any horse, any breed, any age, any time. For me to beable to utilize these horses in my program shows my students that there is a flaw in the whole processand that SBR, through all its efforts, can and does make a difference in the lives of these horses. Saddlebred Rescue is so different from other “rescues”. While they are in fact “rescuing” horses from slaughter, their scope goes far beyond that. The care and rehabilitation that the horses receive is top notch because what is needed for each horse is recognized by professionals. Each horse is evaluated under saddle to determine what they can do and what they like to do – trails, lessons, therapeutic, pleasure, etc. This allows for the best match to be made between horse and potential adopter and SBR is not afraid to tell someone that a particular horse isn’t suited for what they are looking for. I admire that and feel that is part of the success of the program. However, it doesn’t just end there. Each horse continues to be worked and their progress is monitored. Not only is the horse getting the structured exercise to get in optimal shape, but is then able to truly show the true colors and abilities it has to offer. The safety net that goes along with every horse is key to making sure that the horse’s best interest is always paramount. If ever an adopter’s situation changes, be it health or financial, etc., and they cannot keep the horse, the horse can always be returned to SBR. SBR’s proximity to the horses in need, the facility available to house and evaluate the horses, the professionals to monitor each horse and determine its abilities, and their ability to network in and out of the industry makes this program work. So, if you are wondering what happened with the donations you make to Saddlebred Rescue, well now you know. In short, SBR rescues, rehabilitates and places horses in their new home and job. It’s a good thing, it really is. No, it’s a GREAT thing
Clifford The Big Red Couch
In Praise of Saddlebred Rescue Clifford The Big Red Couch After not riding for many years and having several big changes in my life, I decided, before I was six feet under, that I wanted to ride again. Growing up on a farm, I loved riding my ponies, and later a “half saddlebred”, but then I went off to college. Still loving horses, when first teaching school I was lucky to ride colts a couple of summers for the wonderful Gray Barham at Sandy Knolls Farm in Ohio. My times with Gray Barham and those young horses were truly wonderful, and a gift I feel honored to have received. To shorten this saddlebred love story, I decided to inquire about a Saddlebred Rescue Horse. I called them and explained my situatioon, abilities, limitations, wants and needs. They told me about an older horse that seemed to fit my needs. We are both “older”, and he was trail broke and big, which I needed. They called him, “Clifford — The Big Red Couch”, and they referred me to their website. I liked what I saw and had a saddlebred trainer / friend, Joan Lurie, also inquire about him for me. After several telephone conversations, and completing all the paper work, Clifford was on a van to Stonelea Farm in Prospect, KY. Arriving the next day at 4:30 a.m., this big, handsome, red, chesnut gelding walked off the van… I was thrilled! We gave Clifford a couple of days of R&R and pampering, then my friend, a hunter / jumper trainer, rode him first. Clifford was a perfect gentleman, but my friend thought Clifford held his head “a little high”. I said, “That’s wonderful, he’s a Saddlebred!” The barn, his new home, on an 800+ acre farm, has thoroughbreds, hunter / jumpers and fox hunters. Clifford is the Saddlebred Missionary, and a very good one with his head out of the stall saying hello to everyone. I don’t think I could have gone out and bought a horse as nice or well suited for me. He makes me feel good every time I see him and every time I ride him. We are two old guys having a good time together. The most amazing part of all — Clifford, a Saddlebred Rescue Horse, seems so appreciative and thankful to have a good home. He shows his love and he shares his love with me. What more could I ask? Clifford — The Big Red Couch & Tom Schoeni.