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Gallant in Missouri
I love my ASB rescue. Gallant and I are coming up on our 2nd anniversary and he is still fantastic. I grew up showing ASBs in the 60s. Older now,I have no desire to show but I still prefer an ASB for trails, or just riding or driving around home. Saddlebred Rescue was careful to give me important information about the horses I was considering for adoption. Pat spent lots of time on the phone with me and they got the match exactly right. I knew what to expect when Gallant got off the truck and we have been having a great time! A plus to adopting a horse who has been "on the road" - he is bomb proof. My hound puppy flushed a turkey right beside us. I was so startled I almost jumped out of the saddle. Gallant flipped one ear sideways and never took a step out of place! Adopt! SBR and your new mount will not let you down!
Saddlebred Owner
I can't thank SBR enough for allowing me to adopt Gift.
Owner of Golden Avalanche
I have SBR's Golden Avalanche (Winston) and I could not have a better or more kind horse. He's been the most amazing teacher and companion to both me and has spent some time with several young children as a walk/trot lesson horse. He is everything that I was told about him and more and if I could adopt another SBR, I would do so in a second. For the past year, Winston was here at home as a "pasture ornament" since I have a toddler and a busy "tween". Last week, I received a call from the barn owner where my current show horse is in training asking me if she could use Winston as a walk/trot academy horse because she couldn't find one safe enough. She had heard all about wonderful Winston from other people and from my own bragging. Happily, this show season will now include Winston carrying his charges into academy and the beginning of their riding careers. Thank you so much for all the hard work that you do, SBR!!!! "Winnie boo-boo" has a home for life with me! Sincerely, Heather Kriegel Proud Owner of SBR's Golden Avalanche
SBR Supporter
I was lucky enough to be entrusted with SBR Missy to foster. Missy is a registered ASB mare neither trained for nor suited to Saddle Seat. She found her forever home with an advanced dressage rider looking for a new project and pet. It couldn’t have been a more perfect match. Please don’t overlook these horses while searching for your new equine partner for trail riding, Hunt Seat, field hunting, western pleasure or dressage. My experience with SBR and Missy was a truly satisfying one.