Bay Heart
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Bay Heart has a sad story.  He was purchased by a buyer who ships to Canada on a day that SBR just happened to go to the sale.  This horse's luck changed around when we agreed to buy him.  Instead of going to Canada he came to the SBR quarentine/rehab center.  When we were at the sale we don't pay much attention to the horses other than to make sure they are Saddlebreds and have their health papers then on the trailer they go.  Sometimes if we pay too much attention we can find reasons to not bring them home i.e. bad legs, lumps and bumps etc.  I fly in like a rescue Ninja grab up the horses and leave.  The following day is when we catalog our horses in.  When he was brought in for us to evaluate I recognized this horse from many years ago but I knew I had seen him.  I could not remember his name but through facebooking and researching on the asha website we identified this horse.  He is registered and is 25 years old.  He has been shown a lot and even been a couple of academy programs.  On close examination of the horse when trotted he was lame so my first thought was 25 years old maybe thats the problem.  I also noticed that his tail had been harvested fairly recently.  His age, the shoes he had on and his tail all meant he was not in the Amish world.  When we got him in and started for where the lameness was coming from we found out that his feet had not been done in so long that they had over grown the shoes.  His toes were grown out and the more we looked the more we realized how bad the foot was.  It was a soft gooey mess.  So not only had this horse been dumped where there is no way he would go anywhere but to slaughter if a rescue hadn't been there but he had been neglected for months.  Fortunate for this horse we had our vet out to do the show horse teeth so we were able to have him work on this horses teeth.and what he found was total lack of care.  Teeth were sharp, long, jagged and he had a sore mouth.  It's funny how some people are smart enough to cut off a tail to make a switch but aren't smart enough to do care for the basic maintence and well being of a horse .  Needless to say this horse looked estatic when we put him in a quarentine stall and he got to come in and get proper feed and care.    We have high hopes that this horse will get sound and is already proven that he can be an asset in a lesson program.