Becker Popular
15.1 hands
Age (Estimated):
13 ish
Good on Trails:
Do not know
Energy Level:
3  (Low 1....High 5)
(Updated 6-18-18)  Our update has not changed from a year ago.  Some riders get along with him fine and others do not mesh.  We have an Academy rider at North Wind that had been riding him, loves him and hopes to show him this year.   (Updated 1/12/2017) SBR Becker was purchased about 2 ½ years ago from our buyer. This chestnut gelding is 15.1 hands and is 13ish years old (now). What can I say about Becker? Becker has been highly trained at one time under saddle and in hand. I believe he is a half Arab cross and was worked saddle seat. Becker is smart and a little nervous if he does not have a calm rider. I have used Becker with my better riders and I love teaching on him as he makes a rider think and be in charge. Becker likes to start out trotting then he will walk for you. Walking is not his favorite gait but he will do it. Becker can canter a very nice collected smooth canter or he can go faster and canter the bunny rabbit canter, again better rider better results. I love this horse as he is smart and cute, but he can be a smart @$$ and cute depends on the rider. I think this horse would be best understood with someone who likes Arabs and Arab crosses. Becker is still here because I know someone out there will LOVE this horse and have a ton of fun with him. We have taken him to a show to practice ride and he was good at the show but nervous. Becker also does well living outside and he is very happy to get caught.