Nicholas Popular
Age (Estimated):
16 ish
(Update 6-19-18)  We continue to use him with several levels of riders and not beginners. He likes a relaxed rider the best and we have taken him to a couple shows and he has been well behaved.  Take this for what it is worth.  Erin's impression of this horse is that he appears to like women working around him more than men. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   (Updated 1/12/2017)  SBR Nicholas was purchased from our buyer and they had made a video of him that showed a very handsome high headed horse trotting down the road. I always wonder what the hole is in a looks to good to be true horse. Well here is Nicholas’ story, he rides GREAT, wears his head GREAT, does three gaits GREAT except for one thing he is great. He has a patch of skin right by wear his girth goes that looks like a huge ringworm growth, but it isn’t! It is a flat skin tumor. I am sure at sometime someone has worked him over to stand still while mounting and tacking as he is VERY DEFENSIVE about it, to the tune of biting hard for real. We have worked hard to get him to be better and he responses to kindness and a very slow approach, and we never pressure him. Once this is done this 15ish, 15.3 hand chestnut gelding is good. Walking is not his favorite gait but he will flat walk if the rider is calm and relaxed. We have shown him at two shows in rescue classes as he does not have papers. (we are working on that part) and he has shown well. Nicholas is not for a beginner rider as he has some go forward to him and he is not for a bunch of people to be messing around tacking him, he is very nice to groom in the stall or out. Nicholas is a horse we would require someone to come out and see him in person. I love teaching on this horse as he makes a rider look good.