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SBR Blarney is almost 16 hands, is under 15 years old and as his name suggests we got him in March. Blarney has been on a weight gaining and a let his body heal program. When Blarney came to us he did three gaits well but he just looked body sore, and acted unhappy to be ridden. We decide since we had so many horse at SBR it would be in his best interest to give him time to feel better both body a...nd mind. Erin started this gelding back to work a couple of weeks ago and we were thrilled at the change in this horse. Blarney is a different horse!! Some times you just have to give a horse time and when they are ready to work you have a whole new horse. I was not even sure who Erin was riding when I saw him last week. Blarney was happy used his ears and not only did three gaits well he looked happy doing them. We will be having other riders start riding him and if he continues being happy and liking his job he would be a good horse for lessons and maybe even teaching riders to canter. I will keep my fingers crossed. Please share this post as this helps our Treasures find new homes. The more we place the more we horses we can buy and rehab.