Ariel Popular
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(Updated 6-6-18)  When Ariel came back from her first home they said she was very herd bound. What we have found out here at the rescue is she is not herd bound at our place, she is easy to catch from the pasture and work her with no problems.  One of the North Wind staff has taken her under his wing to work her on trails and having fun such as following him without a lead, ground tying etc.  At this point she is doing very well. (Updated 1/12/2017)  Ariel is a registered mare that seems to be having a hard time finding her right home. Ariel is a sport horse type and we think she maybe well suited for dressage. This mare is on the smaller side at 15.2 hands and is 12 years old but she has a big way of moving that makes people turn their heads and take notice of her. She has quite a bit of go forward so she would not be a good horse for a timid rider or a lesson prospect. Ariel has not had the opportunity to just have one really good rider spend time on her to help her learn the basics with confidence. I truly feel that with a solid calm rider this mare would bloom. Ariel was never on the road so her legs and soundness are great. This mare is best suited to living outside with several horses. Ariel can get attached to other horses if there are only a couple horses with her. Ariel rides better when living outside in our opinion.