Captain Brody Popular
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(Updated 1/12/2017) SBR Captain Brody is a gelding that has been waiting over two years to find his home. This big bay gelding, is 16.1 hands tall , 10ish years old and is very handsome. He was purchased in Nov 2014 at a Friday sale by Bruce who and then sold to us on Monday. Brody came with a copy of papers that seemed to match but since he does not have a lot of markings it is a guess if they are really his. He needs to have his DNA run to make sure these are rightfully his. We did call the owner on record and got absolutely nowhere. The comment was made I sold the horse and it is out of my hands. Brody seems to have been trained by someone other than the Amish as he walk trots and canters well. This horse came in with rough gaits and Erin worked him to balance and smooth out and now he is smooth and comfortable to ride. He is not at this point for beginners but he with work gets very nice to ride. If he is not worked regularly he does get a little nervous working in the ring. Brody is high headed and would work well in Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat and possibly western. We have not done any work with a curb bit so that option would need to be explored.