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(Updated 10/19/17)  2017 Show Video of Cider We just attached a link to a recent show picture for Cider.  We took him to a local small show that had rescue classes.  Click on the above link to see video.  Efveryone thought he was real cute! (Updated 1/12/2017)  SBR Cider is a 14ish year old chestnut gelding that we bought from an Amish man. I was told he really liked the horse but he was having a hard time with longer trips, so his owner called us. Cider came in a little thin and we could see he had some lameness issues as we saw the old pin firing scars. When we evaluated Cider we learned he parked out and he appeared to have been gaited but did not canter. This gelding scored high on his evaluation but, he seemed afraid of whips. We have had Cider here for just over a year and while he does not canter he makes it up by being so cute and so good with the walk & trot riders. If you like high headed horses, here is your horse. Cider would be a star in the academy shows. This July we had four riders use him in camp and Cider never took a wrong step. Cider has some go forward and is not for beginner beginners horse. Erin, the girls and I all love this wonderful gelding.