16.1 h
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(Updated 1/12/2017)  SBR Handsome was purchased from our buyer when he called me and told me he had a very thin Saddlebred at his place, and f course SBR stepped up and bought this soul in need even though the “Inn was full.” Handsome came into SBR three days before we left to go to the Kentucky State Fair so he was left in the hands of one of our volunteers Marybeth. As soon as we left Marybeth contacted me and ask if Handsome could go into a QT stall as he was having so issues outside and seemed unhappy. Once he worked his way in a stall, he then worked his way into Marybeth’s heart. This lovely big 16.1 hand chestnut gelding rode well and does three gaits though he did get tired quickly. It was decided that DNA would be done to reclaim this horse’s identity and when the match came back it was discovered he was a full brother to one of our show horses. It always amazes me on how small our world is and how easy it is for these horses to slip through the cracks falling into a life and death scenario. Handsome was born in 2007 which makes him just 10 years old.