16.2 h
Age (Estimated):
Ground Manners:
left lead only
Good on Trails:
Did Not Test Yet
Energy Level:
3  (Low 1....High 5)
(Updated 1/12/2017)  SBR Hollister is a reg 2007 gelding that stands 16.2 hands and not only is he tall he is very long necked and up headed. We bought this horse from our buyer and when I went to pick him up I was shocked at the size of his hind leg. Why this gelding was sound looking was beyond me but he walked sound. Everything in my brain screamed do not buy this horse but everything in my heart told he the very thin but very beautiful gelding needed SBR. When we got him home we had the vet look at him and we were told he was more than likely had a severely injured joint that over time calcified into a really big looking joint. To go with that there has been damage to the lymphatic system and that causes swelling up past the hock. Here is the treatment, we keep the horse in a stall and very clean during the day and turn him out in the arena during the night so he can move around. Hollister would be the horse we all dream of if it was not for his leg. We do teach walk and trot on him with his leg wrapped and he is my dream academy horse. My little girls love him and I love watching him and to this date he has stayed sound. It is important to keep his leg clean as any small cut could become infected due to the damage to his lymphatic system in that leg. Hollister is putting on weight and I am telling you he is worth the effort. I LOVE THIS HORSE!!!!