16.1 h
Age (Estimated):
16 ish
Ground Manners:
Good on Trails:
Not tested yet
Energy Level:
3  (Low 1....High 5)
(Updated 1/12/2017)  SBR Huntress was purchased in May 0f 2016 from our buyer before she was shipped to slaughter. This mare came in very thin but with time she has put on weight and is now a member of our “chub club”. Huntress came in with a broken tail which our vet feels came from an injury from a fall, but I am happy to report she has no problems with lameness or soreness due to that injury. This 16.1 hand mare came to us doing three gaits well which told me that she had been worked for several years under saddle before she went on the road. Huntress is around 15ish years old but looks like a younger horse. Since she has put on weigh this mare has become quite a beautiful horses. Every time I see her now I have to ask who she is, in my mind I picture as being thin. Huntress was also used in North Wind Stable’s summer camp and was very pleasant and kind with the girls. I feel this horse would fit nicely into a lesson program if give time.