15.2 h
Age (Estimated):
16 ish
Ground Manners:
Good on Trails:
good potential
Energy Level:
3  (Low 1....High 5)
(Updated 1/12/2017)  SBR Nathan is a gelding that was funded by a person who wanted to save an older horse. He had gone through the Cranbury sale with a no sale then was put into the CHW Network for direct purchase before he shipped to slaughter. SBR agreed to take this horse as I have a soft spot for older horses that are down on their luck. At his evaluation it was very obvious that he had been in the Saddlebred show world in his younger days and had learned to rack. After years of road work with an over check he does what I call a racky doodle and it is harder for him to trot. We have found that sometimes these horses are just body sore and need more time to heal. Nathan is 15.2 hands newly shod with short feet and is 15ish, maybe older. This wonderful gelding is very kind not spooky and very easy to work around. I look forward to his progress as he seems to be a diamond in the rough.