16.2 h
Age (Estimated):
7-8 ish
Ground Manners:
needs instruction
Good on Trails:
Did Not Test Yet
Energy Level:
3  (Low 1....High 5)
(Updated 1/12/2017)  SBR Thumper was purchased from our buyer in August 2016. This bay gelding is 16.2 hands and is about 7-8 years old. We named this horse Thumper because he acts as if someone “thumped “on him and not in a good way. This gelding seems very kind and once he finds out you are kind to him he really tries to do what you ask. I feel he is a fearful horse and some was just going to make him be brave by forcing him. In my opinion if a horse is truly fearful and timid, brute force does not make them brave it heightens their anxiety level. Thumper has not been taught to canter, so it seems as if most of his training may have been on the road. Erin has gotten him to trust the rider more and Brianne has been able to ride him with no problems. This gelding is the horse that was in the pin with the two year that had a broken hip or pelvis that SBR paid to put down at the sale. I really like Thumper and I hope he finds a special person to get him to trust people and to be brave. Thumper is a beautiful horse and could be trained Saddle seat or as a sport horse. Thumper is sound and has no lameness.