Turkey Day
15.2 h
Age (Estimated):
6-7 ish
Ground Manners:
Good on Trails:
Did Not Test Yet
Energy Level:
3  (Low 1....High 5)
(Updated 1/12/2017)  SBR Turkey Day is a bay gelding that stands 15.2 hands and is 6-7ish years old. TD was purchased by one of our board members at the Cranbury sale and SBR agree to take him. When we did the evaluation of the gelding we found out he knows peppermints by sound of wrappers and by taste which tells me right off the bat, that he has been in the Saddlebred show world at some time. Our under saddle eval. confirmed what I already guessed. His tail had been in a set, he wears his head in a cute place, he was gaited at some point (although does not rack well) and this horse also does three gaits well. TD needs a little work on his canter starts so they smoother, and with just a little time he should make a cute academy horse. TD does have dropped ankles but he travels sound awhile he may not be good for driving on the road he should be good to go with the level of work most academy horses do. As you could tell by his name we got him in Nov. 2016 around Thanksgivings. Erin and I both like this horse as he is very cute.