Carina Popular
15.3 h
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Not tested yet
(Updated 1/12/2017) SBR Carina is a reg. chestnut mare, 15.3 hands that is about 7-8 years old (I have to look up the year). SBR bought this mare from our buyer and when got her his was very thin. During her evaluation this mare scored high performed three gaits and had motion and a cute headset. At that time she seemed a little nervous but nothing bad just something to be noted. Since we have had her longer and she feels better as she is fatter she has gotten gamer and has some go forward to her. This mare needs a better rider to give her confidence and get her to relax. I will say that she is not happy to be caught when she is turned loose outside so she would be easier to deal with if she came in at night to a stall in a routine. I do believe this horse would be better at this point to have fewer riders and be able to build her trust in one or two riders. This mare came to us in April 2016 and now she is fat and ready to find a new home.