The Adoption Process


We'll Help You Take The Next Step.


Open and print Adoption Agreement (PDF). Read through both sections of the agreement. Follow the instructions in the first part that asks for your information and please initial all the paragraphs in the second part which is your terms of agreement with us. Sign the document, scan and return it to us by email to or, FAX to 908-886-7422, or mail it to SBR ADOPTION at 6 Meadow Cliff Lane, Hardwick NJ 07825. Requested pictures can also be sent separately by email. The application fee of $30 is payable by check, PayPal or credit card. You are making no commitments to SBR by completing this agreement until an adoption is confirmed. When your adoption is complete we will fill in the horse information in the second section, SBR will sign the agreement and send you a full copy for your records. Let us know if you are a UPHA member, as we have a simplified application for your use that we will send you.


SBR will notify you when your application is approved, or if we have any questions. Upon approval, we can start the Matching Process with you. The process for every match is customized to your situation and needs. SBR has had a very high success rate and we do offer a return or exchange option in the adoption agreement. We want to make it a good match for you and our horses. If we do not immediately have a horse for you that is a match, we will keep you on the waiting list. In most cases, you will be talking with Nealia or Mark McCracken to begin the process. One of them will be in touch with you, but you can contact them by leaving a message on the Hotline — 908-605-6032 — or sending an email to


When a Match has been made, before the horse is shipped to you the Adoption Fee must be paid and received. Currently, our standard adoption fee is $1000.00*. Shipping is the responsibility of the adopting party. We do help arrange shipping at the best rates possible with shippers that are known and approved by SBR. You also have the option to arrange your own shipping, but SBR reserves the right to approve the shipper. The proper handling of the horses is important to us. If you are arranging your own shipping please ask if your shipper intends to farm out part of the hauling to a third party. This happens from time to time. You also have the option, at your expense, to have a Vet Exam done on the horse you have chosen. In most cases, adopters do not ask for this, but that is up to you. * On occasion, if the acquisition price of the horse was significantly above the average slaughter price, the adoption fee will be higher. This occurs less than 5% of the time. We are a nonprofit and want to adopt out as many horses as possible, in order to save and rehab more horses. Based on our annual recent operating budgets and the number of horses we work with each year, we invest on average, $2000+ per horse before it is adopted. This includes the purchase price at the auction plus the quarantine, rehab and maintenance costs while the horse is at SBR. You can see why we are dependent on donations for our program.

STEP 4- Final Step

After you have completed the application and it has been approved, done the Matching Process and chosen your horse, have paid your fees and making shipping arrangements with SBR, what else is there to do? Saddlebred Rescue will make sure the current Coggins document and a health certificate are properly obtained by the shipping date. We will send you whatever vaccination record we have on the horse. We will do whatever special requests you may have for us for your horse at your expense. If your horse needs to stay at the rehab more than the time to reasonably set up a shipping date there is a $10 per day board fee. We personally meet the shipper and make sure your horse is loaded properly. We ask you to keep us informed and send us pictures, as SBR wants to know how you are progressing with your rescue horse. Thank you for considering Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. and American Horse AdoptionTM.


Pay Adoption Application Fee


Pay Adoption  Fee