Home Brunch and Auction


How do we start to talk about our sponsors and donors?  If it were not for our donors from the large family foundations to the junior exhibitor rider that asked her friends to bring donations for the horses at Saddlebred Rescue instead of gifts for her 15th birthday we would not be able to operate.  Our ability to save useful horses from slaughter and recycle them back to good new forever homes, after some TLC at our rehab center, would be severely limited.  We thank Christy Parker for starting the rescue at her Pinehaven Stables in Georgia in early 2006.  She already discovered the need of useful horses being shipped to slaughter mostly through large weekly auctions in Pennsylvania.  She knew something should be done.   At about the same time Nealia McCracken at North Wind Stables in New Jersey got into rescue through a youth club project and through a project that a member of the ASHA of New Jersey wanted to do for some time.   Linda was an employee at Smoke Hollow Farm and kept pushing the ASHA chapter to do something with rescue.  With her insistence and Nealia's desire to help, the chapter gave Nealia $250 which she matched.  Nealia with the money in hand went to the auction and bought 2 very skinny older chestnuts a mare and a gelding.  They were named Ana and Rex at the barn.