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Blog Date Entry 1-11-14

The weather is driving me nuts!  Today it was raining and there was ice everywhere in our valley. The pastures get so slick the rescue horses are afraid to move. That means every day we spread the manure lightly over the pastures so the horses have some grip and do not fall down. That in itself is not too hard but the manure spread is broken which means EVERY day the guys must empty the spreader by hand and throw it out evenly over the fields in pull up and do it again, kind of a pitch, spread, stop back on tractor move up, stop tractor, pitch, spread and repeat……. Like shampoo, only waaayyy harder and way more repeating.

The three new rescue horses with clipped ears are in stalls. We are short stalls in the Rescue Village for the Treasures.   We use portable Amish stall barns.  This means there is a juggling act that is performed everyday with horses going out for a while and other rescues in their stalls while they are out.  Then rotate and repeat.   Today however we could not do that so we had to work around three other rescue horses loose in the arena. We put hay in the end and the three quiet horses (we call the skinnys) just stand and eat hay and do not move or get bothered by the other horses working in the arena. Sometimes you just have to be creative and go with it.  We did get all of the rescues in stalls worked. The outside horses get checked in the field to make sure they are ok. Today they found Freckles with a sore hind leg and brought him in. It turned out to be an abscess so that only required that he get soaked daily and kept in a stall. OMG another stall! Thank goodness Party Hat just left and we had that stall he was in.

Greg rode the Treasures and Jason worked the NWS horses along with Lalo and everything went smoothly.  It was Erin’s day to be working at the hospital.  It was a little like a traffic cop at a busy intersection but we managed.  By late afternoon the weather had warmed up enough (almost 60 degrees), the rain started melting the ice instead of making more ice and things were back to a more normal state.

My project for today was SBR Tardy. We figured out Tardy has poll pressure issues and this may have something to do with his fearfulness.  Greg and I spent time just working on ways to groom him to reduce the stress he feels. There is something about this horse that makes me love him and want to do better by him.  It seems to me sometime in the past he lost his identity and his individual needs were not cared for by the people around him.  What I am trying to say is he reacts to us like he thinks he is  just an object and not a living being and a horse with his own personality.   You know the more time I spend around my Treasures the better horse person I become.  I keep saying that but it’s true.  Who would have ever thought these horses that were and are down on their luck can give so much.  Horses like Tardy require us to come up with a plan for his care that is really outside the box.  We really have to figure out why this horse reacts what he does.  Somewhere he has learned that people cause him stress and I want him to trust us and let us learn how to reduce his anxiety.   If we can learn how to help this horse just imagine how many more tools we have not only to help all the Treasures but also my show horses.   So who really is helping who in this SBR/Nealia relationship?   I think the Treasures at my North Wind Stables  help me become a better and more effective horse trainer. I learn something EVERYDAY!

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