Blog Date Entry 1-24-14

Another cold day resulting in doggie limo service by Dad.  All over weight, middle aged ( yes I am going to live to be over 100 years old) women had to walk to the barn that would be me.   Erin worked at the hospital so you would think that would leave us short-handed but not today!  Thanks to the North Wind Stables program I have several riders who have worked their way up into the Rescue Riders and lucky for SBR two of the Rescue Riders came in today to help.   Erin G. was out early so that meant after her lesson on Royal next she rode a horse for North Wind and then she rode her own SBR horse Angel.   Erin was then ready to ride the Treasures and 4 to be exact.  Erin’s first ride was on SBR 2B and of course 2B is one of her favorites.  Erin likes the gamer horses and she has gotten so good at riding these horses that I am able to have her work some of the ones that the trainers usually work.   2B is game but needs work on his canter.  Several of my riders can ride him and love him most of the riders only work him at a walk and trot.  Erin had such a good ride today that I had her canter him and although 2B canters more like a gaited horse I could see improvement from when we first started working him.  Great Job Erin G ! The second horse for Erin G was SBR Jemma and as you have read in other posts this horse is a favorite of the North Wind riders so Erin was thrilled to catch this horse to ride. Jemma has come such a long way from knowing nothing but pulling a carriage on the roads to doing three gaits well and with ease. You have to love a horse that tries so hard to learn new things and to do them with many riders. I do not understand why she is still at SBR but as long as she is she will be teach North Wind riders.   Erin no sooner got off of Jemma and SBR Kitty was ready for her to ride. I think Kitty’s biggest fan is Erin G so it was just plain fun to watch this team work around the chaos that is North Wind/ Saddlebred Rescue in the ring at the same time.  We will be making a new video as Kitty’s canter is soooo much improved it is hard to believe. Kitty’s improvement is from the very quiet, calm work from our trainers as well as Erin G.  Kitty no longer looks like a nervous wreck flying around the arena at a canter/run. Last but not least was SBR Leader, the only horse that lives at SBR.  Leader is gaited, 20 years old and very quirky. We have learned what makes Leader tick and he is a favorite around here but he also teaches some people who visit SBR what it is like to ride a gaited horse. This wonderful gelding has been a first for several trainers. No one gets off of Leader without a smile.  Erin G.’s riding style has gaited written all over her so of course Leader is always a top pick of Erin’s to ride.

Early school dismissal for those few riders that live near North Wind Stables that are also Rescue Riders means a couple of hours at the barn to ride one or two Treasures.   Brianne is like a Marine, the few, the proud and the brave (to brave the cold) and she had a special treat for her today when I ask her to get SBR Mocha.  Erin M (our rescue trainer)and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this horse!!!!! Brianne has also joined the Mocha lovers club. I could see this team showing (in my mind) next show season. This big gelding may stay around here for a while.  Who knows as after all I did adopt out my SBR school horse SBR Eiffel Tower.  Brianne is such a calm quiet rider that she is frequently one of the first students to ride the newer Treasures.  Brianne is also out at the barn as often as she can get here, plus she volunteer’s every year to work at Louisville at the UPHA Meet and Greet petting booth.  Brianne spent quite a bit of time today working with Freckles (one of my favs).  Freckles, seems to be a little worried about people getting on him. Brianne not only rode him but then got on and off several times after the ride. I know this was hard for her because when we work a horse on mounting we always give them treats and Brianne hates giving the Treasures treats.  NOT just kidding everyone loves giving the Treasures treats.
I want to give Greg a shout out for a job well done on Herman!! Tomorrow we will be videoing the pair.